Califol® or ANT-Ca® is a liquid fertilizer with calcium rapidly assimilable developed by the ANT company. It contains fulvic acids and chelating agents which increases the plant defense system.

The EUCLID project tested the potential of this product to reduce the colonization of leaf fungi on tomato crops. At the National Institute of Research in Agronomy (INRA, France), the partners tested the solution at different dilution on tomato crops against two pathogens: botrytis and powdery mildew. They found highly effective protection of tomato plant against oidium and botrytis with the drench application of Califol at 0,1% and 3%. In order to complete these results, the partners from Avignon tested the product as preventive and curative solution, also at different concentrations. Results showed high efficiency as protective effect of Califol as a spray-application against B. cinerea and Oidium neolycopersici on tomato at 0,1% and 1% at both 7 days before infestation (preventive) and at the same day of the infestation (curative).

Another partners from the EUCLID project, the Inter-professional Technical Center for Fruit and Vegetables (Ctifl, France) tested the efficiency of Califol® in a greenhouse experiment at bigger scale. They found a significant reduction of intensity and frequency of powdery mildew with Califol applied as preventive and curative solution.

These promising results show the efficiency of Califol® to reduce the pathogen pressure on tomato crops, both as preventive and curative application.


Califol product sold by ANT (left) and test of drench application of the product at INRA (right) on tomato plants.