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The University of Lleida has been studying the feasibility of using two mirid bugs, Dicyphus bolivari and D. errans. In a recent study, we have proved that pre-planting inoculation of these predatory mirid bugs in the tomato nursery is feasible, with no risk of damage to seedling plants as occurs with other predatory mirids on different plants. This method may be particularly recommended when an earlier establishment of the predator in the greenhouse is necessary due to the rapid development of pest populations. Moreover, the use of this method makes the release of additional predatory mirid bugs unnecessary or may at least save a number of releases.

More details are available in the publication (Open Access):

Madeira, F. et al. 2019 Pre-planting inoculation for early establishment of Dicyphus bolivari and D. errans on tomatoes. BioControl 64: 33-41. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10526-018-09911-3.



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