Langfang experimental station in China (Hebei Province) is the experimental station for WP2 research work on insects’ biodiversity for biological services.

The French National Institute of Research in Agronomy (INRA) and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) are working together in enhancing insects’ biodiversity notably through the promotion of naturally occurring biological services. To do so, many field experiments are running since 2016 at the Langfang experimental station in China on two different topics: 1. The use of non-crop plants for enhancing insect biodiversity, and 2. Crop engineering methods to increase plant diversity and therefore biological control at a landscape scale. Data are being collected now and results will be communicated in the coming fall. The work is part of EUCLID WP2 – Development of innovative IPM products and approaches.

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Crop arrangement design to enhance biological control

  Use of non-crop plants to enhance insects’ biodiversity