The whitefly, Bemisia tabaci is a key insect pest in Solanum vegetables such as tomato, chili, pepper and eggplant. Improper and overuse of insecticides often result in outbreak of whitefly infestation, and in turn bring the plant virus and honeydew associated quality problems (Fig. 1).

During the last crop season in Gao’an, Jiangxi province of China, the EUCLID partner ZJU used the combining methods of 60-mesh insect-proof net, yellow sticky trap, rotation of pesticides, and natural enemy, Encarsia formosa for the control of B. tabaci in chili (Figs. 2-3). A successful reduction of insecticides usage up to 50% was obtained.


chili serra cina encarsia
Fig. 1. The contamination of honeydew to chili fruit                                                                                                  

Fig. 2. The use of 60-mest insect-proof net and yellow sticky trap to reduce the amount of whitefly population, this is particularly important in seedling and transplant stage  

Fig. 3. The release of   Encarsia formosa in chili