Two articles have been recently published in the framework of the EUCLID project. 

The abstracts are available online. 

_Food Security, Food Safety and Pesticides: China and the EU Compared, M.B. Zollin, M. Cassin, I. Mannino. SSRN e-Library, March 2017.  Abstract available at this link

_Evaluation of the short term effect of nursery treatments with phosphite-based products, acibenzolar-S-methyl, pelleted Brassica carinata and biocontrol agents, against lettuce and cultivated rocket fusarium wilt under artificial inoculation and greenhouse conditions, G. Gilardi, S. Demarchi, M.L. Gullino, A. Garibaldi, Crop Protection, Volume 85, July 2016, Pages 23–32.  Abstract available at this link