Within EUCLID project, partner AgriNewTech has organized a series of 3 free webinars for Italian farmers to discuss on-farm composting and the use of compost for controlling soil-borne pathogens.

The first webinar on January 23rd focused on soil amendments, their legislative framework and compost. Composting process has been discussed, providing indications for on-farm composting, together with advantages of compost use in agriculture.

During the second webinar on Jannuary 30th the main diseases caused by soil-borne pathogens were addressed. In particular several examples of diseases caused on tomato and lettuce by Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Verticillium were provided to the webinar’s attendes.

The last webinar on February 6th provided useful indications on the use of compost for controlling soil-borne pathogens, suggesting dosage and application mode

Over 500 contacts registered to the webinars, and about 100 of them joined the event live and asked questions to the speakers, with a fruitful discussion.

Farmers and stakeholders that are interested to the contents of the webinars, can visit the YouTube channel of AgriNewTech at the link below and watch the registered events.