The first edition of the Plant Bioprotection Forum was held in Valencia (Spain) on June 13 and 14 2019 (

On April 19th, Eva Thomine (INRA) gave a presentation on EUCLID Project at the Institute of Plant Protection (IPP) of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) in Beijing.

Two articles have been recently published in the framework of the EUCLID project. 

Within EUCLID project, partner AgriNewTech has organized a series of 3 free webinars for Italian farmers to discuss on-farm composting and the use of compost for controlling soil-borne pathogens.

On June 30th 2016, assays conducted at INRA-Avignon on biocontrol in the framework of EUCLID were presented to a group of 37 farm advisors and stakeholders from southern France, at a meeting hosted by the Plant Pathology research unit of INRA-Avignon.

On March 16, 2016, the conference "Incontri fitoiatrici 2016" will take place in Turin (Italy). 


The EUCLID project was presented January 19th, 2016, at the Plant Protection List Meeting in Alnarp, Sweden.


Posters presenting EUCLID were displayed and discussed with participants of two scientific meetings organized by the French Society of Phytopathology: the 12th meeting on Plants and Bacteria (11-15 Jan. 2016 in Aussois, France) and the 11th meeting of Phytopathology-Mycology (25-29 Jan. 2016 in Aussois, France).