INRA Sophia-Antipolis presented EUCLID and IPM to middle and high school students in Antibes France, in the framework of a partnership programme between research institutes and schools of the area.

The goal was to introduce why research is important and, more specifically, to show the value of developing new techniques in agriculture. It was the occasion to sensitize teenagers to the challenges around agriculture, i.e. produce more and in a better way. Teenagers do not usually realize how big the challenges in the agricultural world are. The presentation in the schools therefore offered the possibility of explaining and showing them, through graphs and figures, why using IPM techniques can be one of the multiple answers that we have to sustain good food production for the future.

It is important to inform them about these issues as the challenges in agriculture in schools are barely addressed in the normal program.
We hope that with our presentations’ program they could at least remember that buying food produced in an environmentally friendly way is a first step towards the protection of human health and environment.
The students were very interested and asked a lot of questions, which made us realized that they don’t know much about IPM in agriculture. They also don’t know so much about food production techniques even if they eat food every day!

We therefore realized the great importance of showing and explaining to children and teenagers why producing environmentally friendly food is a concern for all of us. Therefore, we went beyond our expectations, i.e. to make them discover the "agricultural world", the challenges behind it and illustrating the notions of ecology and preservation of the environment (why? how? who?).

We do hope they understood why we are focusing every day on trying to find solutions to increase the sustainability of food production, for humans, but also for the environment.