Now available on the website the demonstration network of the project which presents the experimental sites testing the "IPM Packages".


The aim of these packages is to highlight the knowledge gained by the partners in their national networks and the results of the WP 1 and 2 programs through syntheses carried out by the WP3. These sites will be the place to test in real conditions, the technical innovations resulting from the project integrated into IPM packages. They will also be the place of visits of stakeholders, advisors and farmers to exchange on these techniques. They will provide a vision of what the work accomplished within the project can do.

Detailed info about the demo sites is collected at the WP4 page on EUCLID website:

A map is used to locate each site of each crop.

The pictures under the map provide access to the characteristics of each site. You will find all the results of the demonstrations there as well. A synthesis by crop will evaluate the implementation of the techniques tested in each.




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