Essential oils (EO) are mostly known for their efficiency in helping humans to fight against different types of diseases, mostly infections and cold. However, their efficiency in reducing pests or diseases in crops is less studied. The EUCLID project is focusing part of its research on assessing the effect of different essential oils on tomato pests but also natural enemies.

First results produced at the National Institute of Research in Agronomy (INRA, France) have proven the efficiency of anise and fennel EO against a tomato aphid and rosemary and mugwort against whiteflies, with no effect on the tomato plant. Now the aim is to prove that these products cause no harm to natural enemies, more specifically a generalist predator mirid bug and an aphid parasitoid.


essential oils
Schematic description of the effect of anise and fennel EO and mugwort and rosemary EO against aphid and whitefly population respectively.