INRA ISA Sophia R. Brun – R. Boll

The objective of the team at INRA ISA is to optimise existing and innovative IPM strategies by using a generic decision support tool (DSS).

The final product will be a free telematic tool destined to various end-users, usable by non-specialists (advisers, experimentalists, BCA’s firms, growers ...).

In a first step the system addresses the IPM for the main tomato crop systems under greenhouse and their main pests and diseases. It will be applied to other crops in the future. The fighting actions are activated regarding the estimated level of pests or diseases and depend on crop health indicators (quantitative or qualitative and with defined severity thresholds).These indicators are obtained by crop sampling for the different pests and diseases. The action rules activated are linked to these health indicators and have to be specified first. The different pests and diseases at the successive steps of the crop are managed by proposing action rules using the different means of IPM. The first use of BCA’s is to decrease significantly the use of pesticides. Using the proposed tool, each end-user will be able to implement and use its own set of decision rules.

A telematic survey was developed to collect specific information on pests and diseases management method for the main tomato crop systems under greenhouse concerning the different countries (questions on sampling methods, protocols used, health indicators, actions choose to manage pests or diseases, cultural systems used ...). These information will be used to specify and propose sets of standard IPM strategies adapted to the different tomato crop systems (as an example a strategy for a long season tomato crop using a generalist predator early released was developed: Tomato-Greenhouse-Macrolophus-South-France).

The survey is now ready to be filled by the partners. Different guidelines concerning the use of the DSS, the filling of the survey, the administrator and the user are available on line.


The DSS engine is now operational and can be tested at the web site address