Within EUCLID project, partner AgriNewTech has been carrying out some major research work in Year 1 within WP1 (Optimisation and adaptation of current pest management methods) and WP2 (Development of innovative pest management products and approaches). The work process is worth mentioning as it indicates the possibility to use good source of organic matter like compost to control soil-borne disease.

The EUCLID project is developing pest management solutions across several crops for a diverse group of insects and diseases. They will be judged by how they support end-users through short-term economic benefits, longer term environmental sustainability, social impacts and consumer preferences. At a broader policy level they may also be judged in terms of how they support market introduction and maintenance of novel technologies, stimulate scientific knowledge, and promote wider economic competitiveness.

On September 8-9, 2016, the Year 2 annual meeting of the EUCLID project was hosted at Venice International University in Venice, Italy.