University of Lleida (UdL) is a public university that has, among others, an agricultural campus devoted to research, technology transfer, and high education in agriculture, food technology and forestry. UdL develops research in several fields, among which insect ecology and control is one of the most relevant.

Expertise fields include:

1) Biological pest control by conservation and augmentation of native natural enemies;

2) Bioecology and distribution of herbivores in relation to pest population dynamics and monitoring;

3) Use of pheromones and other semiochemicals for insect pest control and monitoring;

4) Implementation of IPM systems in the field;

5) Selectivity, safety, and efficacy of novel pest control methods, and last but not least,

6) Implementation of IPM systems in the field;

7) Equipment for plant protection, spray optimizing and minimizing drift and losses.

All this expertise matches with the role of this partner in the EUCLID proposal and the work developed in such a framework.

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