BINAB is an SME developing, marketing, and selling high quality registered bio-fungicides with plant growth promoting properties based on two isolates of Trichoderma. These two isolates provide a temperature spectrum of 2-32’C. BINAB has a proven track record of registration in Europe since 1976 with no health or safety remarks. The company can offer a sustainable solution to fungal problems in plant propagation.

BINAB can supply sustainable products permitted also on organic produce, for testing, development, and use. The Company is required to focus on its main activities, but R&D is necessary to continuously improve on knowledge, function and ease of use. Today BINAB primarily produces WP-formulations.

The Company is interested in learning more about products optimisation and their use through improvement/adaption of the formulations and with additives. There is an interest and need to update and increase the Registration Dossier for the products in terms of expanding toxicity/sensitivity data, environmental studies and efficacy data according to the latest OECD-standards. There is also a need to test and expand the areas of use of crops, climates and pathogens in order to provide a growing population with food produced sustainably.

BINAB can assist in evaluating ease of (larger scale) fermentation, formulation, possibility of (primarily European) registration. BINAB can also assist in spreading the knowledge, potential and limitations of Trichoderma based products. BINAB can offer an introduction to Swedish plant protection/propagation.