Created and managed by professional agricultural bodies and specialised by sector, the French Agricultural Technical Institutes, known as ITAs, are research, development and innovation organisations which monitor, experiment, collect and transfer knowledge in the field of agriculture. ACTA heads the network of Institutes in the animal and plant sectors, bringing together 15 institutes.
ACTA also conducts cross-disciplinary work and involves systemic approaches. Our professional leadership and our position at the crossroads between academic research and extension services, provide ITAs with unique characteristics on the European scale.

ACTA is a member of CLORA, the Club of associated research organisations.
In Euclid, three institutes are involved: ACTA for global and dissemination approaches and two sector institutes, CTIFL for vegetables and IFV for grapevine.


CTIFL is the French Technical Institute for Fruit and Vegetables. The technical institute uses a wide range of technical and economical skills to improve the level of expertise, necessary in all sectors of the fruit and vegetable industry, from seed to store through production, distribution channels.

It covers all production and distribution techniques on fruit and vegetables. 164 engineers and technicians out of 270 people in the organization, work on various production techniques themes such as variety characteristics (agronomy, quality), climatic control under greenhouses, pest management and alternatives methods (biological control, biopesticides, cultural practices…), organic production, environment, pre-harvest and post-harvest technical production.

The institute is officially recognized for trials on plant protection products. There are 4 experimental centers located in the main French areas of fruit and vegetable production. For distribution techniques, Ctifl has an expertise on logistics and merchandising in retail outlets. As a result, Ctifl plays an important role for knowledge dissemination from research results to the fruit and vegetable production and industry.

IFV (French Wine and Vine Institute) is the French institute of R&D for vine and wine. IFV is an innovation center, implicated in technology transfer and knowledge transmission to the French vine and wine sectors.
The French Vine and Wine Institute offers a wide range of professional competences covering all the skills needed for wine production. 140 scientists and engineers work on multidisciplinary subjects in relation to vine production and wine quality: ampelography, agronomic studies, vine diseases, oenology, microbiology, processes, circular economy, mechanisation etc. Laboratories are officially recognized for agronomy and oenology trials or studies.
Established in 18 research centers located in the main French wine producing regions, multidisciplinary teams exploit experimentation means, in relation to board members representing all professionals of the wine industry. As a result, IFV has a role of interface between professionals and research teams, with a good innovating capacity, and transfer of research results to wine industry.


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