Venice International University (VIU) is a private non-profit international association for education and research formed by 13 Universities from all over the world, including Tsinghua and Tongji Universities from China, and 3 national institutions, among which the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. VIU is located on the island campus of San Servolo in the Venice Lagoon.

VIU aims to create a bridge between technical expertise on environmental management and business administration, and knowledge in cultural studies and social sciences, focusing on today global challenges; promote the exchange of knowledge among different countries, through an inter-disciplinary approach; strengthen connections between the Academia, Governmental institutions and Firms.

VIU has been carrying advanced training programs and applied research in the fields of: environmental economics, economics in the emerging economies, public economics (health, public policy), environmental policy, green economy, innovation and sustainability, industrial ecology and climate change. The experience gained in these fields as well as the strong relationship with the Chinese partners (7 Chinese Ministries and Municipalities, and CASS) and stakeholders participating since 2003 in the Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development can be useful in the economic research and analysis to be carried out in the project. The Sino-Italian Program has created a network involving more than 9000 Chinese policy-makers and experts, as well as many European private companies.

VIU has also built a strong expertise in Capacity Building (training courses, technology transfer, awareness raising, transfer of know-how and best practices), in Dissemination (international workshops, seminars, conferences, Summer Schools; development of web tools and technologies) and in Networking among different stakeholders in different fields, also through e-learning sessions.