Agrobío is a SMEs company located at the nerve center of a very concentrated area of greenhouses in the Province of Almeria, southern Spain. It was founded in 1995 and was the first Spanish company to produce bumblebees. The company has two shareholders, Almeriplant SAT (one of the main Spanish companies to produce seedlings, with 20 years of experience), and Bunting Brinkman Bees B.V., a Dutch company. Seven years ago Agrobío created the company Agrocontrol 2007 to produce natural enemies. To date it has already set up the mass production of 12 natural enemies. It is currently delivering bio-control products to over 10,000 hectares in Spain. In 2010 Agrobío built up the company Biocontrol Marroc in Morocco, and the company is currently engaged in expanding sales into America and Turkey, creating new facilities in two of these countries. It already has a large market share in Holland and Italy, and is expanding into north and eastern European countries, as well as into the Middle East, and also into Greece, Turkey, Algeria, Senegal and other North African countries.

Over the past seven years Agrobio’s business profile has grown considerably, both through diversification and investment into R&D. Agrobio has developed seven R&D projects and supported four projects of Agrocontrol 2007. Almost 40% of the staff are qualified people with a university degree, including several biologists, agronomists, agricultural engineers, economists and business administration staff, gathering 21 qualified people. Agrobío has its own research department with laboratories and three climatic chambers used for trials, as well as an independent quality control department with two people.